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Pastor's Aide Committee:  Responsible for meeting the needs of the Pastor, Assistant Pastors, and Guest Ministers when needed.

Children's Church:  Responsible for spiritual growth and education for children 3-11. Teaching children the importance of accepting Jesus Christ at a young age.

Hospitality:  Responsible for meeting the needs of guest members. Those needing support during crisis, funerals, etc.

Music Department:  Responsible for worship, choir praises, singing.

Ministers Department:  Teaching and training classes for men and women who have been called by God to preach or teach the gospel.

Youth Department: Responsible for working with the youth of the church, teaching them christian values, planning activities, encouraging them to be involved with the church.
Ushers:  Greet visitors and members, assist in tithes and offerings, distribute bulletins and visitor cards, control the crowd.

Security:  Responsible for the safety of the pastor, visitors, members, During service, secure the church building

Women's Department:  Women of the church are taught self confidence, how to be mothers and wives according to the word of God, how to strengthen and encourage their husbands,Pastor Rosemary Reid is the moderator for this department. 

Men's Department:  Men are taught by Elder Williams to be leaders, protectors, and providers of their family according to the word of God, to be an example to the young men of the church.