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Pastor Rosemary grew up in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. She graduated from Western High School, and later attended Century Jr. College where she received a degree in hotel management. Pastor Rosemary was married 35 years and has 4 children. She started her spiritual life as a young girl growing up in the church singing and training voices in the choir. In 1978, she was ordained minister and began teaching Sunday school, youth and adult bible classes. She has devoted over 34 years of her life working the jail and prison ministry, radio broadcasting, hospital, and convalescent ministry. She also worked as a leader of the Clark County Detention Religious Volunteer program. She has devoted many years working the street ministry reaching out to the community. On June 2008 she was ordained as a pastor and established the Shekinah Glory Outreach Ministry. Her main goal is to reach souls for the Kingdom of God.